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Career Training and Development Services

Career Training and Development is a key component in the Department of Education's goal to build a strong and self-reliant Nunavut. Career development services are offered throughout the territory for individuals to access a wide variety of career training opportunities.

Accurate and up-to-date labour market and career development information helps individuals and students to make appropriate education, career and labour market choices. The Department of Education continues to work in partnership with the federal government to deliver these services. A long-term goal is the development of a Nunavut-wide career and labour market strategy.

Canada ‐ Nunavut Labour Market Agreement (LMA) - Annual Public Report 2011‐2012 - download.

Each region has a Career and Early Childhood Services Office and Career Development Officers who can assist individuals in pursuing career training. Click to see a list of offices for Qikiqtani, Kivalliq and Kitikmeot regions.

For more information, please contact the Career Development Officer in your region:
Qikiqtani : 1-800-567-1514 (867) 473-2600
Kivalliq: 1-800-953-8516 (867) 645-5040
Kitikmeot: 1-800-661-0845 (867) 983-4031
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